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Pack of 8: The perfect value bundle for a full weeks daily usage. A clean Prism Pad for each day of the week and a fresh prism pad to use on wash day. Also, ideal for professional use in clinics saving £’s on cotton pads.

The Prism Pad gently removes impurities and makeup including mascara by just adding water!

It is reliable, reusable and great for both men and woman suitable for all skin types even non-irritant to sensitive skins.

Use before cleansing to remove make up and impurities, if you have heavy eye make up hold a warm prism pad on the area for few seconds before removing.

The prism pad is also very effective when combined with any cleansers especially the Bee Cleansed Balm this is best combination for heavy make up the prism pad can also be used to remove masks.

About the product

The prism pad is so convenient to use wherever and whenever meaning its great for travelling, overnight stays and even taking one in your gym bag for after your workout, Sweating helps flush out impurities on to the skin which is great but after workouts allowing sweat to dry on the skin without rinsing can clog pores. When the skin begins to re-absorb the dried sweat and impurities, pH factors change and can lead to irritation, rashes and even breakouts.

The prism pad is reusable and will last up to 200 machine washes.

Each reusable prism pad uses ultra soft micro fibres that expand when wet making it super easy to get into pores and difficult areas to remove makeup and impurities. We want to help save your skin, and the planet by helping you bin those wipes.

The prism pad replaces over 1400 single use cotton pads and wipes per person per year. A single wipe can take up to a 100 years to breakdown in landfill.

There is approximately 11 billion wipes thrown into landfill each year which is 30 million wipes disposed of each day making wipes the third most wasteful product in the world. It has also been reported that there was a 400% increase in the number of used wipes found on our beaches last year putting more of our marine life in danger.


How to use: on first use run your prism pad under warm water and squeeze inside your hand do this a couple of times this will loosen the pad, the pad may feel slightly stiffer for the first use but then will become very flexible.

(For Clinic Use: the prism pad is amazing for use in clinic facial treatments we recommend a pair per client then all to be machine washed at the end of each clinic day saving £ on cotton pads).

Care Instructions

For personal use: After each use wash with anti bacterial soap and rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

Once a week or more wash in your machine on a 60 degree wash.

If you are a heavy make up wearer you may want to wash more frequent so a multi pack may suit you better.

For Clinic use: Machine wash after each client use.

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